Gymnast Must Haves

Gymnast Must Haves

  • By - Keith Griffin
  • 16 October, 2019

To be a high-level gymnast you have to be dedicated to your sport. You are asked to practice 20+ hours a week. You are asked to push your body to the extremes- flipping and twisting through the air over a 4” beam, performing hundreds of push-ups each day, swinging on the bars until your hands are blistered. You are asked to do all of this while still having to go to school, make time for friends, and enjoy being a kid.


The juggle between practice, schoolwork, and friends/family can get a little tough. This is why we have created a list of items every gymnast must have in their bag to get them through their hectic schedules with ease:


GripEEZ- Your coaches push you to the brink to make you better, bars is a daily event no matter the state of your hands. Your school friends love watching you pull back tucks but don’t understand why you have these rips. GripEEZ palm balm is a must to help your hands recover between practice and minimize rips. Keep your coaches happy, your friends questions to a minimum, and your bars progressing by applying a little dab of GripEEZ palm balm after each practice.


Catchies Bands- Catchies bands have been created with your comfort, safety and style in mind. These wrist bands were made by gymnastics moms for gymnasts. No more bulky neoprene bands getting caught in your grip or rubbing your wrist raw. Grab a pair of caticorn catchies bands, or Spooky-licious bands for Halloween to show off at practice and keep your wrists safe.

Catchies Bands


Zeek Bars- You are ALWAYS on the move. If people think football players eat a lot, they’ve never befriended a high-level gymnast. To keep up with your energy needs, and diminish your hunger, keep Zeek Bars in your practice bag, in the car, and your backpack. Zeek bars are made from real ingredients to satisfy parents; come in delicious flavors, such as chocolate chip brownie or cookies and cream, to satisfy the gymnast; and contain 10g of protein to satisfy the muscles’ needs.


Zeek Bars


Pivot Performance Wear- Let’s face it, as a gymnast you spend a majority of your time in a leotard. The moment school is over you’re reaching into the depths of your bag hoping you didn’t forget your leo at home. With Pivot Performance Wear you’ll never have to worry again. With these cost affordable (mom approved), beautifully designed leos, you’ll want to wear your leo and show it off for everyone. Get one for each day of the week, or for every season of the year. Long sleeve or tank, teal, sunsets or onyx rose, new or used, the possibilities are endless and befitting for any gymnast.

Pivot Performance Wear


A gymnast has to think about controlling every inch of her body; from pointed toes to the direction of her head, every little piece must be in line. Take care of the other worries by keeping your gymnast must haves in your practice bag. Be prepared to conquer your next season with GripEEZ, catchies bands, Zeek bars, and Pivot Performance Wear.

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