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GripEEZ 100% Natural Palm Balm


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GripEEZ is perfect for any sport or activity that requires heavy use of your hands. If you're an an avid athlete who hands are an important part of your training regimen, GripEEZ is built for your lifestyle.
GripEEZ soothes and heals damaged calloused hands and protects against future rips and tears. #GripSquad

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100% Natural Ingredients

Your Hands Will Thank You

We provide the best Hand Balms in the world. We only use the finest natural ingredients that are built to help soothe and heal calloused and ripped hands.  We pride ourselves on providing high quality products built to take on any hard core training regimen.  Elite athletes use chalk to prevent friction from their advanced routines.  GripEEZ replenishes their skin's natural moisture while naturally speeding up the healing process. 

Gripeez WILL NEVER use any chemicals of fillers in out balm.





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Real Athletes. Real Results.


My daughter is a gymnast and the bars can be really tough on her hands. We purchased the Palm Balm and the first day she had it, she put it on after practice and said it was so soothing to her hands! She said she plans to use it after every practice! And she said, “oh my gosh, mom, it smells soooo good!”


Wow! After 100 Sumo DeadliftHigh Pulls and T2B, my hands were destroyed! I used my new GripEEZ overnight! OMG my hands are like new!! I am absolutely in love with this product!! Thanks to GripEEZ for finally helping a woman have lady hands again!!


I love this stuff. My bar training can be 3 hours long, Paks, Shaposh, and Ono used to tear my hands up. Now after using GripEEZ my hands feel so much better


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Welcome to the world of GripEEZ. Continuing to heal hands one rip at a time.
In Hands We Trust! #TeamGripEEZ


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100% Natural Ingredients

GripEEZ Palm Balm All purpose skin healer built for bar rips, hand tears, dry and cracked skin, cuts, scrapes, burns, and much much more! GripEEZ promotes the healing of damaged skin naturally. Calloused won't disappear but it sure will make your handshake more pleasant!

100% Yellow Beeswax 
Coconut Oil
Helps inflammation and moisturizes skin
Camphor Oil
Helps relieve pain, irritation, itching during the healing process
Proprietary mix of Lavender and Peppermint Oil
This is a cooling blend, great for inflammation caused by injury, and associated with pain
Tamanu Oil
Help with cuts, scrapes, burns, abrasions, blisters, and eczema
Tea Tree Oil
Helps with anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties
Shea Butter
Helps nourishing and moisturizing for skin

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